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Wise Monkey Rum is an exceptional brand that harmoniously combines Jamaican tradition and innovation to craft an extraordinary rum experience. Fueled by the time-honored rum-making techniques of Jamaica and the art of aging in American oak barrels, Wise Monkey Rum has established itself as a distinguished player in the industry. In this study, we explore the brand’s journey, uncovering the secrets behind its smoky character; and showcasing the craftsmanship and passion that make Wise Monkey Rum truly remarkable.

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Challenge and Solution

Wise Monkey Rum, embarked on a packaging design for its Indian Spiced variant to appeal to a wider audience. The goal was to contemporize the packaging while retaining key elements of the brand design. The brand aimed to strike a perfect balance between a captivating narrative and the inherent Indian influence that defines its identity.

Collaborating closely with the client, we decided on an illustrative approach that would be driven by a compelling story. The Wise Monkey became the ideal mascot for the Indian spiced variant, representing wisdom, playfulness, and a connection to ancient Indian folklore. The packaging featured a vibrant background that set it apart from other variants, while the monkey was illustrated with intricate Indian-inspired elements that spoke to the flavor profile. Tactile elements were incorporated to enhance the sensory experience, such as raised patterns on the label, inviting consumers to explore the rum’s nuanced flavors. The colour palette reflected the vibrant spices and rich hues associated with Indian cuisine, further immersing consumers in the Indian Spiced variant’s experience.

The neck label showcased the Wise Monkey Rum logo with a distinctive Indian-inspired design, reinforcing the brand’s connection to its Indian roots.

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The new packaging for the Wise Monkey Rum Indian Spiced variant has been successfully launched, receiving positive feedback from both existing and new customers. With its captivating design and cultural references, the brand is poised to expand its presence and captivate the palates of rum enthusiasts throughout the market.

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