Tamil Nadu Tourism.

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Tamil Nadu Tourism

About Tamilnadu Tourism

The Tamil Nadu Tourism Development Corporation (TTDC) is a government-led initiative that actively promotes and facilitates tourism in the state. It promotes the state’s rich heritage, ancient temples, vibrant festivals, diverse landscapes, and beautiful coastlines inviting tourists to have the best travel experience.

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The Challenge

Their biggest challenge was finding a native agency that possessed a deep understanding and genuine appreciation for the local culture. Tamilnadu Tourism approached us to develop a strong rebranding strategy- positioning the state as a one of its kind destination for tourists. This included redesigning the existing logo and maintaining a consistent visual and verbal identity that effectively reaches the intended audience and drives tourism.

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The Impact

We aimed to design a fitting representation – one that was refreshing and contemporary while staying true to its roots. The new logo form is structured with recognizable hand-drawn illustrations that depictTamil Nadu. From the facades of temple architecture and the graceful art form of Bharatanatyam; the logo is paired with fluid typography and a vibrant colour palette. The implementation of this identity across all the brand collaterals ties together the traditional and the contemporary, to portray how endless stories converge in Tamil Nadu.

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