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What we did

Sri Krishna Sweets was founded in 1948 by Shri N K Mahadeva Iyer in Coimbatore, with a mission to work to the fullest satisfaction of the people they serve. Their perseverance and innovation, with years of research into ingredients, technique, and consumer taste- gave the world the highly delicious melting magic of the divine Mysurpa, a delicacy loved by one and all, in India and abroad.

Meticulously grown over the last six decades, today SKS is synonymous with superb taste and high-quality food products. Having mastered the traditional art of sweets, SKS has expanded its product range, striving for innovations without losing traditional values.

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The company is fiercely protective of its brand core and henceforth the challenge was to create a psychological edge in the minds with packaging designs. Their objective was to bridge the gap between the brand’s traditional values and modern concepts, preserving its identity while appealing to a contemporary audience. For instance, the earliest design of Mysurpa still evokes strong memories; and with our new packaging design we wanted to keep this taste of memories alive. Jumping forward to the present day, there are notable differences in the packaging being a celebration of 73 years of Shree Krishna Sweets.

Refreshed packaging of Shree Krishna Sweets winning hearts

Shree Krishna Sweets also launched their Snack category, JOOT.


Indulging in snacks is a happy emotion and this had to come through in the packaging design of JOOT. With a new line of products, we had to ensure consistency across the wide range of sweets and savories, meeting the unique requirements of each product while maintaining a cohesive packaging design.

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Solution and Impact
Instead of using existing snacking brands as a benchmark and carrying out traditional ‘share of shelf’ research, the Smudge team focused on the ‘Nostalgia’ approach. The magic you feel in opening the Mysurpa box and devouring the first piece – that is the essence of the Shree Krishna Sweets and the project marked successful transition previous to the current design retaining the brand’s identity.

How far did the brand stretch?

While the portfolio had expanded considerably, each new launch was carefully considered through brand filters. The brand identity and packaging design of their new snack line- JOOT was designed by us. Soon after the launch, Sri Krishna Sweets experienced increased market penetration, reaching a wider audience and expanding its customer base. The visually appealing and functional packaging ensured that the products remained fresh, intact, and visually appealing, leading to enhanced customer satisfaction and positive brand experiences. As their’ trusted branding partner, we provided a complete range of services, including packaging design, wall branding, store branding, sub-brands, airport kiosks, advertisements, and web content. Serving as their one-stop shop for branding needs, we ensured a seamless brand experience across various touchpoints.

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