Hey Karak.

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Hey Karak

‘Hey Karak’ is a cafe founded by two friends who have a deep passion for tea and a love for their Middle Eastern lifestyle. After their move to Canada, they realized that finding high-quality Karak (strong) tea in the Greater Toronto Area was a challenge. Determined to bring this beloved beverage to the masses, they set out to create a cafe that would offer the most authentic Karak tea experience.

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The Challenge

The founders of Hey Karak wanted to have a clear vision of bringing the Emirati chai experience to Canada. We wanted to arm them with everything they needed for a successful launch.

“An idea sparked our efforts: can we recapture the real joy of enjoying karak chai? “

The first step of the branding exercise was recognizing that drinking good chai is a daily ritual and indulgence that’s an important part of the rhythm of our lives. Soon after, the team was able to define the brand, they took the new positioning forward by crafting a refreshed visual identity (logo) and packaging design system for the product portfolio.

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The Impact

We took up the project holding a cup of posiTEAvity. Every chai lover’s affinity was incorporated into the design language along with warm typography, an illustration style where the tea under the letter ‘H’ forms a cup. It not only makes you want to try the Chai, but it also lends it a distinct character. Since its launch ‘Hey Karak’ has performed outstandingly, winning the hearts of all Canadians.

The tonality of the brand is fun and approachable. While it may seem simplistic, we made sure that it is also immensely appealing to consumers who want to embark on an Emirati Karak Chai adventure.

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