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As a global provider of IT Infrastructure services with proven global delivery capabilities, 3i Infotech has forged strategic alliances with large OEMs. Powered by cutting-edge technology solutions, 20+ IP-based software products, solution accelerators, tried-tested methodologies, and a vast talent pool of technology experts, their services are driving business transformation for 1,000+ customers across 50 countries.

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The Challenge

After the 3i team revisited its brand identity, it needed to be expanded into a flexible system across their omnichannel experience. When they approached us, each platform had a distinct level of differentiation that had to come together as l one unified system. The exercise involved internal branding and creating a digital presence that was representative of the brand ethos.

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The Impact

We propelled with subtle yet significant additions to their existing identity such as designing for their cloud services. The team incorporated the use of vibrant colours but with a minimalist touch that aimed to declutter the screen. A vibrant blue was added to represent 3i’S commitment to the tech world. The rebranding phase was designed for longevity, which demanded a futuristic treatment that safeguard it from appearing outdated in the constantly evolving technological domain

Some bespoke projects by Smudge Design:

  • Brand manual guideline: Colour scheme, typography, iconography
  • Merchandise: Calendars, T-shirts, employee ID cards and so much more…
  • Offline events branding: advertising materials, digital collaterals
  • Product launches: Logos, launch videos, motion graphics, and more…
  • Office branding
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